Powder Coating

Progress Powder Coating Service

Progress Powder Coating operates 3 auto and semi-auto production lines as well as large batch oven capability.

We run auto-conveyor lines for items of up to 5 metres in length. We offer critical time production, with COAT ON DEMAND and all work is completed using robot spraying techniques ensuring the best quality coatings every time.

We can also cater for special applications of items requiring a low temperature for curing. We also offer graffiti coatings to the transport and signage industries.

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Decorative finishes and special effects are available with low and high volume production levels. Progress Industrial Spray offers a quick turnaround, operating on multiple shifts, naturally to produce high quality coatings as our outputs.

Key features of our Powder Coating service include:

  • Fully automated line with 20m IR/convection cure ovens
  • 5 stage pre-wash/phosphate pretreatment on all steel parts prior to coating
  • 3 types of pretreatment available: Hot phosphate & pre wash, zinc plating and aluminium chromating
  • Offline 5 stage etch and chromate facility for aluminium substrates
  • Robot spray
  • Critical time production COAT ON DEMAND
  • Multishift

For more information or to book your powder coating job, contact us.

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