Wet Spray

Decorative Wet Spray Service

spray logo1Our wet spray process is a time-critical “Paint On Demand” specialised decorative coating. The process works on a flexible multi-shift basis which, in result, ensures client satisfaction with products delivered on time.

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We use a nanomolecular pretreatment which ensures world-class adhesion to most surfaces. The process is highly flexible and can be manipulated for differing batch sizes, complexities, dimensions and general specifications.

Progress Wet Spray is perfect for many applications and can produce outstanding and breath-taking finishes for all of your products.

Progress Wet Spray operates on the following key features:

  • Skilled Multishift Flexible teams assure predictable delivery
  • Specialised decorative finishes
  • Critical time “PAINT ON DEMAND” production painting of appearance parts
  • Use of nanomolecular pretreatments for superior adhesion
  • Set up as LEAN painting facility with process development
  • We also offer graffiti coatings to the transport and signage industries.

For details, phone the Progress Industrial Spray division on (03) 9793 9144.
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